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Ohai. Something triggered my auto responder post to email list. This could be something, it could be nothing. First --

Can you trust the message?

Is this the yearly test? If it is, please just wave to say you got it, and indicate you're still interested in fulfilling your task.

Is this from an external source? Anyone can post to this list as a notification function if I'm not around people I love dearly when bad things happen. How reliable is the source? Can you find out? Is there an authentication code that the people on the list know the take seriously? (Do androids dream of electric sheep?)

Etc. You're on this list because I trust your judgement, and your collective ability to sort things out.

If it seems trustworthy, please proceed.

Very nice site!

Next Steps

Introduce Yourselves

Just let everyone know who you are. Everyone here 1) I care(d?) deeply about, 2) I trust you to follow through on the responsibility you've agreed to, and 3) I trust your judgement, proactivity, and care in dealing with complex situations. Please know each of the other people on this mailing list are also here for the same reasons, and that I hope you'll have each others' backs.

Finding Passwords and Documents

The password vault contains documents, logins, and instructions. There are 2 people with each half of my password vault pass phrase on this list. Please find that encrypted aggregate file <here>, and announce yourselves to the list so you might unlock it.

copypasta steps 2 onwards from Instructions to People, updating tense and specificity.