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My name is <name>, and I'm considering what to do with my cadaver upon death. My commitment to furthering scientific knowledge in research and experience is matched by my dedication to that knowledge and experience being freely accessible by all. To that end, I'd be honored to register with your program -- with one requirement -- a guarantee that any lessons, research, etc be released under open access. I'd be asking you to sign the following agreement:

“It is the desire of the donor that research, insights, and biological products emerging from the donation become goods that benefit the public. As such, the Recipient Institution agrees that data and scholarly articles arising from the donation will be available under terms no more restrictive than those mandated by the U.S. Government’s policy on Expanding Public Access to the Results of Federally Funded Research (PDF). The Recipient Institution further agrees that biological products including reagents will be made available on a non-exclusive basis to qualified researchers and that any patents obtained as a result of the donation will be licensed on a non-exclusive basis.”

Ideally, if my cadaver is used for medical practice, the process of that practice will be recorded for edX or the like. I'm happy to sort out release of privacy etc for this to be possible.

The open access community is a committed and enthusiastic lot, and by agreeing to these terms, your group sets itself up to receive additional cadavers otherwise not available. You can find out more at Open Source Cadavers.